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Redi-Reference - Clinical Guidelines

Redi-Reference - Clinical Guidelines puts concise yet complete summaries of the most important national clinical guidelines at your fingertips.

Annals of Internal Medicine (Book Review, Nov. 20, 2001) stated, "The Redi-Reference Clinical Guidelines Handbook is a powerful tool for bringing evidence-based medicine to the point of care. The portability of the PDA allows the user to review complicated treatment guidelines anywhere. Many common inpatient and outpatient topics are covered, and most offer enough detailed evidence to improve physicians' practice."

The Clinical Guidelines eHandbook is endorsed by the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians as a resource designed to facilitate excellence in patient care, which fits perfectly with the Board’s mission, “to improve the overall quality of health care that is provided to the consuming public.”

Some of the guidelines included in this resource for practicing physicians are:

CARDIOLOGY: American Heart Association Guidelines on the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation, NIH guidelines on the treatment of hypertension (JNC VI report), Consensus Recommendations on the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure, and High Blood Cholesterol in Adults;

INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Childhood Immunization Schedule, 2001, CDC Recommendations for Adult Immunizations, Guidelines for Management of Community Acquired Pneumonia in Adults, Guidelines on Acute Infectious Diarrhea in Adults, CDC guidelines for the management of health-care worker exposures to HIV and recommendations for postexposure prophylaxis, CDC Recommendations for Otitis Media, American Heart Association Guidelines on Prevention of Bacterial Endocarditis, and the CDC STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Treatment Guidelines;

PULMONARY: The NIH NAEP Guidelines for the Treatment of Asthma;

Also included guidelines from PSYCHIATRY, NEUROLOGY, GYNECOLOGY and other fields. A full PC compatible version is included at no additional cost for easy access from your desktop computer. Redi-Reference - Clinical Guidelines serves as an important information resource on both your hand-held device and your desktop PC.

Redi-Reference - Clinical Guidelines was developed for use on Palm OS devices. It provides comprehensive, relevant information in a memory-conserving textbook. The total memory required for Redi-Reference - Clinical Guidelines is 200Kb, using compression technology.

Redi-Reference provides periodic updates for one year after the date of purchase, so that the textbook remains current as new guidelines come out, or current guidelines are changed.

The Guidelines use the RediReader, available for download from our home page at no extra cost.